Duck specialists since 1986

Ànec de l´Empordà is a family business, located in Serra de Daró (Baix Empordà), dedicated to the production of foie gras and duck products. We are grounded in the values of honesty, effort, excellence and respect for the product, to offer a high quality selection. Our work follows the traditional recipe and preparation, while continually evolving to make a difference.

We have a wide catalogue of products with different varieties of foie gras, pate, confits, fresh, cured and frozen preparations. Currently, in Ànec de l´Empordà we are working on the consolidation of the 5th range of products, featuring gourmet specialties such as duck confit cannelloni or croquettes, butifarra sausages and foie gras ravioli.

  • Breeding

    Our ducks are bred outdoors and fed in our facilities.

  • Distribution

    We distribute the products directly to our clients, as quickly as possible.

  • Production

    We work following the traditional preparation method to offer the highest quality.

  • Innovation

    We are constantly working on the evolution of our products and selections.

We manage the full cycle

Making the best duck specialties is only possible with the best raw material and ensuring the highest quality of all phases of the process.

In Ànec de l´Empordà we work according to the traditional preparation method and technique, we take care of all the details and control the entire production circle, from duck breeding in our facilities, to preparation and distribution throughout the territory. Only then can we offer an exceptional raw material and extra quality of our products.

Our history

  • 1982

    Our beginnings

    During the late 50s, our parents began to work in the meat industry, opening a butcher shop in the town. In 1982, they ventured into the world of duck and started to breed and feed their first animals in our home’s basement.

  • 1986

    Company Constitution

    In 1986, ÀNEC DE L´EMPORDA was established. With the help of their parents, Javier and Carlos began to market the fresh product to nearby restaurants.

  • 1990

    New workshop

    In 1990, the three brothers, Javier, Carlos and David, with the help of their parents, started making duck products such as foie gras, confits, pate..., which immediately required an extension of the workshop. This was carried out in 1992, with the acquisition of new machinery.

  • 2000

    Consolidation of new markets

    In the 2000s, we bet on a diversification and consolidation of markets at a regional, national and European level through advertising and participation in fairs, such as the Food Fair.

  • 2009

    Farm Expansion

    In 2009, we opted for an extension of our farms to favour our own high quality production.

  • 2016

    New slaughterhouse and cutting room

    In 2016, we had a breakthrough with the opening of the new slaughterhouse and cutting room, which included the acquisition of new machinery, significantly increasing our production and quality.