The Authentic Ànec de l’Empordà

Our beginnings date to the 80s, starting with a small production and following a very traditional preparation method and technique. From there, the company’s main goal has been to maintain this essence, taking care of the raw material to obtain a product of the highest quality.

The Mulard breed

Our ducks are Mulard breed, the best for the development of foie gras; it is a hybrid of a Barberie father and a Peking mother. Due to its constitution, it is a very strong and brave animal. The ducks are raised outdoors with a healthy and natural cereal-based diet, exclusively with corn in the final phase. In this way, we get a product of proximity and unmatched quality.


Our facilities are located in the heart of l´Empordà.

A privileged territory for the breeding of Mulard ducks, given its mild and humid climate, which allows them to adapt perfectly thanks to the great similarity with the French Landes, their place of origin.

It is also located at a strategic point for the distribution of the product, a few kilometres from the French, Andorran border and very close to one of the most important ports in Spain.

The highest quality

We work following the classical recipe and preparation, while continually evolving to make a difference.

  • Consolidation of the 5th product range of Ànec de l´Empordà, where high-end products for Horeca Gourmet stand out.
  • Our products, in different presentations and formats, are ideal for large distribution, gourmet stores, butchers or restaurants. The flexibility of our production allows us to adapt our offer to specific client requests.
  • Ànec de l’Empordà continues the artisanal preparation of foie, while prioritising innovation and constant improvement of the facilities in order to offer an excellent product.
  • One important quality of the products of Ànec de l´Empordà is that ALMOST all of them are gluten-free; therefore, their consumption is suitable for coeliacs.
  • From Ànec de l’Empordà we want to offer an unparalleled quality of our products, that is why we control the entire production circle, from breeding to preparation and product distribution.